photo by zaria rashay


zaria rashay


a poem

i think i make shelter
inside of myself for
people who are
building family homes
in someone else’s sunrise.
i am just the summer home.

i think i am pubic hair
shamed and stretch
marks glorified.

i think i hate all of this.
every inch of this.
every word.
every wasted data space.
every splotch of ink.
every photo.

i think i will
take that back
when i need it again.
i think i am always needing.

i can’t define what it means to want.
i don’t think i know what it means to want.

i think i am always trying to describe a home
i never lived in. i think i am always
trying to compete with lions.

but i am nothing more
than a hare who is
constantly being
swindled by

isn’t it?
the consistent
theme of snakes
in the making of sins.

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zaria rashay

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